Michael Learns To Rock - Take Me To Your Heart

hinding from rain and snow
trying to forget but i won't let go
B C#
looking at the crowded street l istening
to my own heartbeat

Ebm Bbm B C# F7
so many people all around the world
Ebm Bbm
tell me where do l'll find

Ab C#
someone like you girl


C# F7
ta ke me to your heart take me to your
Ebm B C#
soul give me your hand before Im old

F7 Ebm
show me what love is haven't got a clue
B C#
show me that wonders can be true
Bbm Ebm
they say nothing lasts fo rever
G#m C#
We're only here today
Bbm Ebm
love is now or never
Ab C#
bring me far away

C# F7 Ebm
t ake me to your heart take me to your soul
B C#
give me your hand and hold me
F7 Ebm
show me what love is be my gardian star
G#m C# F7
It's easy take me to your heart

|guitar|one| B C# B C# Ebm Bbm B C#

standing at a mountain high
looking in a moon in a clear blue sky
i should go and see some friends
but they don't really comprehend
Ebm Bbm
I don't need too much talking
B C# F7
with out saying any thing
Ebm Bbm
all i need is someone
G#m C#
who makes me wanna sing

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